How do we ensure that all young people consider whether university is for them? 

Humber Opportunities Partnership wants all young people in the Humber region to consider whether university study is for them. The organisation gives young people the knowledge to make informed choices about their next study choice. 

Future delivery options 

Humber Opportunities Partnership approached us at a time of change. The Partnership was being asked to do more with less funding. In response, they wanted our support to rethink the numbers of schools and pupils they worked with, and the ways in which they supported schools and pupils.  
We created future delivery options for the Partnership to consider 

Humber Opportunities Partnership 

The reporting is so easy to follow, really clear and how the information is presented is great. Contact has been superb, really responsive to our needs, keeping us updated and providing us with such clear information. 
We adopted a three stage research method to answer the Partnership's questions on which schools they should be supporting, what support they should be offering to these schools, and what could be learnt from the activities of University Connect Partnerships in other regions. With our advice, the Partnership's management can be confident they are taking a data and evidence led approach to future outreach work. 
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