measure progress towards your aims 

Effective organisations know what they want to achieve and use data and evidence to measure progress towards their aims. But often we have access to so much data, from so many different sources, that it can be hard to judge what progress we are making. 

learn from others 

Effective organisations learn from what has worked elsewhere. But how do you find out what has been effective elsewhere and how do you know that the evidence will translate to your organisation? 

secure the confidence of your partners and funders 

Funders expect organisations to be able to demonstrate what they have done and the difference they have made. An organisation that can do this is more likely to be successful in securing further funding. 

evaluation helps to make organisations more effective 

We specialise in evaluation. We work with clients to help them to set out what they are hoping to achieve. We call upon our knowledge of data and research techniques to help our clients to create an evidence base. We call upon our experience to recommend to our clients what has worked for other organisations. We are experts in turning evaluation evidence into reports and presentations which grab the attention of funders, partners and the public. 
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