How can people be supported to start a career in social care?  

Salford, like many areas, faces pressures in relation to providing social care for its residents. Salford City Council, working with partners, developed the Salford Into Care project to attract more residents into social care work, to give these recruits practical training opportunities, and the employability skills needed to secure a job within the sector.  

Speaking with trainees, employers and commissioners 

Over 12 months we ran surveys, observed training and conducted video interviews with trainees. We learned what attracts people to a career in social care and how best to deliver training. We spoke with employers about what skills they need candidates to possess. We consulted commissioners on how they can support training and recruitment models. 
We observed participants undertaking training in how to feed, move and care for people. 
Key findings from our research included the importance of emphasising how working in social care enables people to give something back to their community, the value of practical training activities in ensuring consistent standards of care, and the importance of having regular contact with a trainee's line manager as they begin working in the sector. The video interviews we conducted with trainees give powerful testimony of the pride people take from having a career that is about caring for others. Using insights from the evaluation, Salford City Council is providing residents with the information, advice and guidance they need to prepare for and enter work across the whole range of health and social care occupations.  
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