Why are young people from low-income backgrounds struggling to secure high paid employment opportunities? 

EY Foundation is an independent charity supporting young people from low-income backgrounds get paid work experience, employability skills training and career guidance. 

Our research 

EY Foundation asked us to help them to develop a new model for supporting young people in Greater Manchester from low-income backgrounds into training and work. We carried out data analysis to identify the numbers of young people who could benefit from a new model, where they lived and the challenges they faced. We spoke with employers, training providers and stakeholders to hear what they wanted from a new model. We looked at best practice in getting young people into work in other regions.  
We combined data analysis with qualitative research. 

EY Foundation 

Little Lion Research's ability to source expertise externally enriched the research. Our organisation can confidently take the recommendations forward based on the sound evidence provided. 
Our research identified a group of young people living in central and northern parts of Greater Manchester who were at risk of being excluded from the economic opportunities that the region is forecast to create over the coming decade. We provided EY Foundation with a step by step guide for piloting a new training and employment support model with this group. We identified where within the new model the EY Foundation should lead activity and where training providers and councils should lead. We called upon our network to help the EY Foundation to introduce their new model to GM stakeholders. 
For more information on EY Foundation go to: www.eyfoundation.com/uk/en/home.html 
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