At Little Lion Research, we undertake research that helps our clients to understand and demonstrate the impact of their plans and projects. 

Across all our projects, we speak to people, we analyse data, and call upon our knowledge of what works. We combine findings in simple, impactful reports and presentations. We give our clients the evidence to show the difference they are making, and the confidence to take new approaches. 
We produce evaluations, conduct appraisals of delivery options, and develop strategies. The areas we work in include business support, careers advice, education and skills, economic development, health and wellbeing, and community support. Our clients come from across the public and voluntary sectors and are based throughout the UK. 
Working with us means that our clients get senior, expert input at all stages of their project. 


Working with us, you will have a clearer understanding of the difference your organisation is making and the evidence you need to tell people about your work. 

strategic advice 

Working with us, you will develop a strategy that is evidence based, achievable, and has the support of your funders and partners. 

modelling & appraisal 

Working with us, you will know that the choices you make are the right ones for now and for the future. 
EY Foundation 
LLR's ability to source expertise externally enriched the research. Our organisation can confidently take the recommendations forward based on the sound evidence provided. 
North East Local Enterprise Partnership 
The team led by David were approachable, flexible and willing to adapt planned approaches to communications in the face of changing circumstances 
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