know the direction you want to take 

Having a single, clear destination means organisations can plan the resources they will need to get to that destination. 

Get data & feedback to understand the needs of your clients 

Effective organisations use data and feedback to understand the needs of their clients and their communities. This data needs to be robust and up-to-date. It needs to be granular, so that organisations can identify the needs of all the groups they serve. 

be able to say what you do and why 

If other organisations know what you do and why, they will be more able to change what they do to support your organisation, and your organisation is more able to change what it does to support them. 

effective organisations need a strategy 

We help organisations to develop their strategy. We help our clients to assemble evidence, to make sense of what the evidence is saying, and to identify the correct strategic approach. We take large amounts of data, from a variety of sources and collate and link this data to give an accurate picture of an issue. Having established what our clients need to focus on, with then work with them and call upon our policy expertise, to advise on how an issue should be addressed. We present our research using charts, tables, maps, and imagery that engages audiences and secures support for new policy and strategy. 
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