identify the correct option for achieving your goals 

Effective organisations are able to choose the correct option for achieving their goals. When time and resources are limited, it is vital the most appropriate option is chosen. 

forecast changes in the future 

Effective organisations can forecast how demand for their services will change in future. They plan how and where to deliver support in response to these forecasts. 

secure further funding and support 

Effective organisations know and can demonstrate the value of what they deliver for their clients, the economy and the community. They share this knowledge with their funders and partners, using it to secure further funding and support. 

we specialise in modelling, appraisal and business case development 

Effective organisations build models and conduct appraisals when writing business cases. We specialise in modelling, appraisal and business case development. We build easy to use models, have discussions, and hold focus groups, to help clients to identify the best option. We turn best options into business cases, setting out the strategic, financial and economic case for the new approach, and describing the steps by which the new approach should be launched and managed. We train staff in modelling and appraisal techniques so they can create their own Cost Benefit Analysis and Social Return on Investment models. 
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