Parents are the key influence on a child's career choice. How can we get more parents to engage with Careers Programmes? 

We worked with a Careers Hub in the Midlands to analyse over 4,400 survey responses from parents of Years 7 -13 children at 40 schools and colleges. The analysis provided insights into how much parents know about the study routes open to their child and the extent to which they are aware of careers programmes within school or college.  

Key findings: 

Parents are much less aware of vocational routes than of academic routes, especially newer vocational routes. 
Parents' positivity towards vocational routes weakens as their child gets older. 
73% of parents do not know or are unsure who to speak to regarding careers advice for their child.  
What can schools and colleges do to increase parents' engagement in careers? 
Get feedback from parents so you know how much your parents know about different study routes. This could be a survey, a feedback form at parents evening, or a few focus groups. Review what they say, and respond.  
Provide parents of younger pupils with information on vocational routes early and regularly, to prevent academic routes becoming the default parental advice setting.  
Careers Leaders do not have time to engage with parents. Other staff will be having contact with parents. Can you share careers information via other staff? 
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